We assist you in doing the right thing

My over 20 years lasting experiences in consulting big companies specially in the financial sector all over the world make it possible to identify and analyze various developments at an early stage. Consequences for companies and the German market can be deduced and feasible answers for you as an entrepreneur, CEO or chairman can be developed.

Image: Udo Broeskamp
Dr. Udo Bröskamp
Image: Udo Broeskamp


Because of the technological change the development of industrial structures is accelerated in a way never seen before. At the same time the parallelism of the massive need for restructering on the one and the development of new and sometimes uncertain businessmodels on the other side is likely to create uncertainty we never know before. As a consequence it leads to the revival of long-term strategy consulting. The mix of experience, international perspective and a strict analytic approach helps to find the right set up for 2025. The acutally good financial results of many companies create the necessary scope to invest in new things. We assist you in doing the right.

Technology and Regulatoric

Every day everybody reads about new and technical developments. Slogans like Blockchain, Aritifcial Intelligence or IoT are omnipresent. There are still four challenges for every decision maker:
1. What is really important?
2. How can new models be developed step by step?
3. What are the specific economic applications fields?
4. How can new models be developed step by step?

At the same time the legislator responds to new developments often delayed but in case of erroneous trends very fast and radical. We support you to find your way around the technical possibilities and the regulatory framework.

Finance industry and Finance

The finance industry is one of the most affected industries. As a result of a low interest rate the profit situation is still precarious. Big internet companies as well as young fintechs attack products, processes and pricing of established banks and insurances. At the same time technical possibilities make new solutions possible e.g. smart contracts or artificial intelligence.

The legislator reduced the risks of banks’ balance sheets and the compliance standards have been intensified. The next steps will be data protection, cyber security and the regulation of new technologies such as Crypto-Currencies. Financial institutes are affected but also companies will hat the possibility to support themselves with financial products. We are available to support you around these strategies.


Transfer of fee pools, technological change and new competitors are lead to a modularization and recomposition of activities in a new way. One result will be new companies with new divisions. Amazon connects activities in retail and logistics in a new manner. German energy companies arrange their activities – power supply operations and customer services on the one hand and production – conventional or renewable energy - on the other hand. These effects also will take place in other industries. An increase of transactions – combined with higher integration – is one leverage for an accelerated reorganization.