We at Bröskamp Consulting are happy to help you establish a security culture in your company step by step or increase your level of maturity.

For example, we can help your operations department to secure operations, and our Cyber Hygiene Assessment can quickly uncover process deficiencies. Of course, we also have direct solutions to offer.

In software development, the motto “Security First” must apply, since security is directly visible to the customer in today's world and the elimination of security gaps in the planning or development phase is much more cost-effective than if the software is already in productive use. Here we focus on the introduction of a secure software development lifecycle, the establishment of threat modeling or the creation of a common understanding in the criticality assessment of vulnerabilities (CVSS)

Security Awareness

We also focus on Security Awareness, this is not a new topic, and we also see that this is taken seriously in many companies. However, there are seldom continuous processes that take care of the training and education of employees. But these are necessary because attacks are constantly evolving.

Effective Compliance

Last but not least we focus on “Effective Compliance”. This is about making compliance in the company more efficient and fit for the future on the one hand and determining whether policies are only well-meant or whether they are effective and followed on the other.