According to my longstanding professional marketing experience for leading companies it was always the matter of finding individual solutions. We are doing this not only in the field of digital marketing but in coaching and issues of security management – based on the competences of our team members.

Image: Susanne Kneissl
Susanne Kneissl
Image: Susanne Kneissl


At the end of the projects new possibilities for the ongoing business would arise. Some of them are not being offered as desired. This is the starting point we will available on-site as a service partner. We discuss your application and provide you an unrivalled service package. Approaches can be i.e. the marketing of your new digital solution, ongoing coachings within change projects and the ongoing monitoring of all aspects of the security standard.


EN: „Being an entrepreneur is one of the the nicest ways to fill your working life. This not only supplies for my own company but also with you to invest in new companies and start ups and guide them to success. As a growing company we will expand our existing team and we will promote investments as another sustainable subject.“

Dr. Udo Bröskamp

Therefore we closely watch the technical developments, observe new start ups and their ideas and support leading companies to give the right answers to be well prepared to meet the current challenges. Often it’s the idea developed and lead to success from outside of the corporation. We support you to find the best possibilities to invest. As the basis we focus and evaluate more than 1,000 companies a year. We are prepared to invest together with you in new ideas by using our fund “Schumpeter Venture”. We actively support these start ups with our consulting experience. In particular cases we also provide the right staff for the start ups.

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