We help our clients make informed decisions when buying, selling, integrating, redesigning, restructuring and optimizing costs.


The Human Resources & Organization team consists of experts from various industries. The combination of many years of operational specialist and management experience with innovative new approaches to solutions, enables us to individually assess the challenges of our customers. Our work is characterized by holistic and effective solutions for the most complex questions of our customers.

Management of personnel costs is especially important in times of crisis

Wise and consistent action is required

  • COVID-19 has massively impacted markets and companies in 2020 and, depending on the industry, brought them into critical situations
  • Significant revenue declines and high cost pressure require decisive countermeasures and consistent action to ensure continuity of the company


  • Reorganization and active management of personnel costs are urgently needed
    - On the one hand, constant search for and motivation of skilled employees and young (digital) talents
    - On the other hand, reorganization and staff reduction in business areas particularly affected by structural change
  • As a result, special demands are placed on the organization, the managers and Human Ressources
    - Deconstruction and restructuring of the existing personnel portfolio
    - Increasing the attractiveness for young and/or rare talents
    - Active cost management at all levels

Our solution approach

  • Clear concepts, tailored to the respective circumstances and business objectives, as a result of many years of international experience
  • During implementation, we pragmatically balance the economic requirements with social compatibility