Cyber security is a daily challenge for practically all companies. In terms of content, we come from a deep technical understanding and work closely with research teams from Germany (Fraunhofer Institute SIT; Athene Research Centre) and start-ups from Israel. Thematically, we focus on three topics:

  • CISO as a Service 
  • Automated Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Management 

CISO as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) needs to fulfil a whole spectrum of tasks, often defined by supervisory law. In young companies - either independent start-ups or digital spin-offs - this always plays a major role. Since it would be too costly for each individual company to set up a fully comprehensive service, we offer this as a "CISO as a Service". Of course, our team has the necessary qualifications to deal with these issues.

Automated Threat Intelligence

Together with the Israeli start-up Sixgill, Bröskamp Consulting has developed a service that continuously scans the deep and dark web for cyber threats. Starting with malware detection, this now mainly includes planned or even executed hacker attacks on small and medium-sized enterprises, in which data is stolen and then "leaked" on the dark web. The quality of the analysis and the performance of the scanner lead to outstanding results.

Incident Management

If a hacker attack has occurred, it is necessary to immediately identify which parts of the infrastructural structure or software have been attacked, where the gaps are and how they can be closed as quickly as possible. The end devices, the internet usage as well as the company infrastructure are in the center of attention. 

We combine a mixture of individual analysis and the use of automated procedures. With the instrument Pentera, we have one of the most efficient, automated penetration testing approaches in this market, which is even used by leading asset managers daily.

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