We are diverse! We think ahead!
We get our hands dirty!

We are a small, highly motivated team with capabilities to support you to develop and implement new ideas!

Image: Udo Broeskamp
Dr. Udo Bröskamp
Bild: Lena Kunszt
Lena Kunszt
Image: Benjamin Meyer
Benjamin Meyer
Investment Manager
Image: Kristina Kern
Kristina Kern
Consultant & Marketing
Bild: Birger Hechmann
Birger Hechmann
Investment Manager
Image: Stephanie Straskraba
Stephanie Straskraba
Management Assistant & Office Managerin
Image: Ana Konta
Ana Konta
Head of Operations
Image: Vincent Diezmann
Vincent Diezmann
Developer (Trainee)
Image: Denis Neumann
Denis Neumann
Image: Marianna Rovner
Marianna Rovner
Office Support
Image: Raoul Wiemann
Raoul Wiemann
Analyst Venture Capital
Image: Viktor Ziegler
Viktor Ziegler
Image: Sebastian Tschirner
Sebastian Tschirner
Analyst Venture Capital
Image: Julia Strothmann
Julia Strothmann


Bröskamp Consulting combines characters with different educations, experiences and backgrounds. There is one thing we all have in common: a high curiosity, a high demand in our professional attitude and a great determination to succeed. Bringing young talents together with experienced consultants is only one element of our success. We continue growing consistently always looking for new employees.

Got curious? Do not hesitate to contact us!